River endurance record!

Dave Mans and Rob Maltby passing Westminster during their record-breaking row.

Congratulations to Dave Mans and Rob Maltby from Lymington for an epic row into the record books. they completed the 165 mile journey down the navigable reaches of the river Thames in 3o hours and 5 minutes, beating the previous record by an incredible 6 hours. They’re raising money for the charity Combat Stress. Dave was one of our crew on the Row To The Pole expedition, so he knows a thing or two about hard, endurance rowing. 

I knew he would need a bit of encouragement in the wee small hours, so I stayed up way beyond my usual curfew and went to cheer him on at a chilly 3 in the morning as he passed Kingston. If you want to donate and support their fundraising, their site is: https://www.justgiving.com/campaigns/charity/hampshire-iowcommunity/totalthames17

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